So who are we.

Firstly its important for us to get it across to everyone that we are not a charity, we are a Community Interest Company more commonly know as a CIC or a social enterprise.

So now your wondering what a CIC is well is a nut shell a CIC is a limited liability company incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 by the Registrar of Companies with the specific aim of providing benefit to a community. It must conform to company and insolvency law in the same way as other UK companies.

In addition it is regulated under the Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004 (“CAICE Act 2004”) and the CIC Regulations 2005 with an asset lock and benefit to an identified community.

So what is it we are doing.

That's a question we get asked on a daily basis when we are meeting people who either need our help or who are interested in getting involved in what we are doing.

Our core aim is to provide help and guidance to both Veterans and Serving members of the armed forces who are planning on making the transition to civvy street, now I can hear you saying it already and yes we understand there are other charities and agencies out there doing this already, our plan is to do it a little differently.

When we say differently the outcome we hope will be the same as in the person or people we are helping get the result they are after we are going to be a little more front facing out in the community, we are not expecting you to come to our office for a formal meeting instead we will come to see you or you can attend one of our planned drop in events where we will have the stakeholders you need to speak to in attendance.

These people will be on hand to offer you face to face advice rather than pressing 1 to speak to this person and pressing 2 to speak to that person on the phone, instead while your waiting to speak to them you will be in an environment where you know that the other people around you that your talking to understands your issues and speak your language.

If it aint raining it aint training

The one thing a lot of our civilian friends, family and colleagues are unaware of are the prior training and skills we have learnt in the Armed forces, skills that are now transferable in to civilian life and more importantly civilian employment.

It's these skills we are going to build on and with the help of our sponsors and partners at Northern Skills Group and Middlesbrough College we will be not only developing the one you gained in the armed forces but also building on them with new ones that will benefit you in your civilian employment.

We have two fantastic projects that we are developing that will also see us working in partnership with some of you to deliver specific training which we are really looking forward to as well.

Veteran Friendly GP's and Mental Health Support

GPs are signing up to become ‘veteran friendly’ under a new national scheme to improve medical care and treatment for former members of the armed services that has been backed by NHS England and the Royal College of GPs.

Practices can qualify for veteran friendly status by offering extra support for ex-military personnel who may face additional challenges when they return to civilian life.

Dr Mike Brookes, a North Yorkshire GP who served in Iraq, came up with the idea when a patient told him that he had specifically joined his practice to see someone who could understand his needs as a veteran.

The scheme, called the Military Veteran Aware Accreditation, has now been adopted by NHS England and the Royal College of GPs as a nationwide initiative so that family doctors can better identify and treat veterans, ensuring they get access to dedicated care where appropriate.

Mental Health Support.

Mental illness is common and can affect anyone, including serving and ex-members of the armed forces and their families.

While some people cope by getting support from their family and friends, or by getting help with other issues in their lives, others need clinical care and treatment, which could be from the NHS, support groups or charities.

Although it's completely normal to experience anxiety or depression after traumatic events, this can be tough to deal with, furthermore, the culture of the armed forces can make seeking help for a mental health problem appear difficult.

Some people may not experience some of these symptoms until a few years after leaving the armed forces and they may also delay seeking help for a number of reasons, such as thinking that they can cope, fear of criticism, or feeling that NHS therapists won't understand.

Here at the Veteran group we are working with our partners to develop a project that we are calling Linkman, everyone who has served in the armed forces will have probably heard this term before but for those who have not a Linkman is the person who connects two or more groups of people together and that is exactly what we are doing.

Connecting the people who need support with the agencies who can provide it.

Events, Challenges and Projects to get involved in

As well as our core areas of business we have some really exciting events, challenges and projects for you to get involved with all you need to do is let us know your interested in giving us a helping hand and we will get you on board where we can.

And if you have an idea for an event that you want to manage then again please let us know and we will get you in for a chat and see what we can do to make it happen.

You can find out more about our current and future events by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking the events tab on the menu.

The Armed Forces Covenant

So like a lot of other companies out there we have signed the armed forces covenant, we did this to show our commitment to the people we are working with and helping and also to our stakeholders partners and sponsors who we hope see this and follow suit.

By showing our commitment we reinstall the core skills and values and standards we all learnt in the early stages of our military careers.

Selfless Commitment, Respect for others, Loyalty, Integrity, Discipline and Loyalty which still underpin who and what we are as Veterans.

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